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If the placenta is located at 1.4 cm in the lower margin, but fetal head diameter (F.H.D) is good, should I be concerned about any potential issues for the baby's health?
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When the placenta is positioned in the lower margin, it is known as a low-lying placenta or placenta previa. While this condition can sometimes cause complications during pregnancy, such as bleeding or restricted blood flow to the baby, it doesn't necessarily indicate immediate harm to your baby's health. The fact that your fetal head diameter (F.H.D) is good suggests that there may not be any major concerns at this time. However, it's important to closely monitor your pregnancy and follow your healthcare provider's instructions for regular check-ups and ultrasounds to ensure both you and your baby remain healthy throughout the pregnancy. In some cases, if the placenta remains low-lying closer to delivery, a cesarean section may be recommended to avoid potential complications during labor. Your healthcare provider will guide you on necessary precautions and steps to take based on your specific situation. Remember to communicate openly with them about any concerns or questions you may have throughout your pregnancy journey.

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Low lying placenta in T1 usually migrates up to normal position as pregnancy advances. So all that is needed is another scan after your anomaly scan at 28 weeks to check position of the placenta . 

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