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I can't drink water because whenever I drink some water even one sip I threw it with rest of the things I ate I feel thirsty but I don't  drink water in fear of vomiting what should I do 

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I had this problem just up until two weeks ago. I'm in my 20th week now. I had tried multiple methods drinking water with ice, drinking hot water, drinking water with singles packets in it like a flavor packet or mio. I had to go the ER several times for dehydration because that's a giant no no especially in pregnancy. I also have bad kidneys so keeping fluids in especially important for my case. My doctor had given me these directions: Stay hydrated no matter what.  If you have to drink tea dilute it with water or try to get caffeine free tea. Drink orange juice, lemonade, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, basically anything besides alcohol or things that contain too much caffeine. I mostly drink lemonade, apple& orange juice, green tea, caprisuns. Remember it's important for both you and the baby to get all your nutrients and stay hydrated. Same goes for food if all you can keep down is soup try different flavors etc... Hope this helps and prayers for a healthy safe pregnancy   

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