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I'm pregnant for 6th time, had two normal pregnancies with two healthy babies. Third, fourth and fifth pregnancies I had miscarriages between 6-10 weeks. Now pregnant only 4 weeks and so scared of having another miscarriage, any advice or someone who have been through so many and had a healthy baby? 

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That's the same problem am having 2 normal births and 2 miscarriages and am scared as well I have been having little pains 
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Dear consult a gynecologist, she will suggest you medicine, for example progesterone tablets and hcg injection shots if necessary to avoid miscarriage...
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I've had 3 miscarriages first 6 month second 4month and third I was 9 weeks and now am pregnant 6 week and 4 days the scan shows no pregnancy and blood test shows positive I've been having contractions am very scared 

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