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Hi I'm 26 weeks pregnant and of recent now I've been having discharges coming out from me and the smell is so bad. Please what should I do about it?

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Am having similar issue too I Google it and the answer was like the discharge is normal and for the smell if it's smell fishy ,that mean one has a Infection need to see a doctor
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Discharge coming out is normal until it is white in colour. When its colour is slight yellowish and bad smell then consult ur Dr. But don worry it may be urine infection and tat can be treated mostly with a syrup suggested by ur Dr. Sometimes if its whitish still bad smell means it may be becoz of ur food also.. but anyhow inform ur Dr as soon as possible..
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Drink cranberry juice and have some pineapple the other day drink a lot of water daily, you will be fineĀ 
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I had the same issue.. doc gave me flagyl 2 to 3 times a day for vaginal infection...now em fine

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