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I'm 34 Nd pregnant with my 2nd I'm 23weeks2days I've a big pregnant belly high up the sounds coming from my belly is crazy, I can feel the baby squirming around but nothing crazy I can feel a little bit of movement but not much my 1st born is 17 so I feel like it's been so long I've forgot what being pregnant feels like, I am slightly overweight not by much I have a little bit of fat on my tummy but it's mostly all from the baby can anyone help me I'm Ringing my doctor 2moro to get checked out just to be safe last time they checked me everything was going good, just feeling a little worried, TIA ✨✨✨✨✨ I also have loads of veins going all through my chest and boobs and all down my belly at the sides and all on my legs and arms I've loads of veins is this normal??? thanks xx✨✨✨✨✨

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Veins are normal all over your body during pregnancy. You are pumping more blood for the baby. I realize this is old and nobody responded. Hopefully you googled it because you can pretty much search the internet for any questions, about your pregnancy, you could have.

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