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Burning feet and burning hands

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I'd like to no about this to I have with my last two kids an I have one on the way same here an they itch which feels good an kinda hurts at the same time does yours also?
Yes, i have itching especially in feet, and have heat rash type also in feet's fingers.
I also had this at 13 weeks I'm now 23weeks and still have itchy hands and feet and now belly is itchy cuz of stretching and broke out in a rash in my hands at 12weeks which went away doctor said I was fine and everything going great now !! Try not worry but mention it to your doctor ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
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I had also the same issue but my dr suggested me to test urine.... I got urine infection... She prescribed medicine after that my burning sensation stop slowly.... 

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