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Today i checked i conceived but dont know the week.  But last month i drinked alcohol maximum 3 times in less amount in one month.  Is that ok? Actually i am scared if it is harm amy baby. Definitely now its stopped. 

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Your baby shluld be fine. You didn't know at the time and most of that time the baby wasn't using the placenta yet, and was using a yolk sac to nurish itself. Now that you know, you can be more cautious moving forward because you know the placenta is now in use. 

That being said, many women from many countries, and over many thousands of years, have use herbs and alcohol (especially when fresh water was not available) during pregnancy. Women in france still openly drink wine while pregnant, and for the entire pregnancy. 

During my second pregnancy, as I neared the end of it, I became increasingly more uncomfortable (I'm only 4 feet 10 inches tall) and my OBGYN noted I wasn't getting enough rest which was causing me to have more braxton hicks contractions earlier on. To help me relax so I could sleep she recommended a small (not full) glass of red wine at night before sleeping. It didn't always help, but some days it was much appreciated. 

That being said, just use your better judgement now that you know, and I'm sure that the baby is going to be just fine. Good luck!!! And safe delivery! 

Pregnancy #5, hopefully baby #3. 

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