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I'm a rhesus negative whilst my husband's positive, normally I wouldn't be worried after knowing what I know now but with previous abortion and not taking precautions I.e taking the rhogam injectionbto prevent antibodies from forming in my body, I am now worried for my baby. I am 18weeks gone and have my first appointment with my OB on Monday. I'm scared out of this world and I've been crying cos it would really hurt me if something goes wrong with my baby. I'm really really worried

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Relax,try and stay positive.getting worried or worked up will not solve anything right now,also talk to your doctor and express your concerns.
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Hi there!! I was an O+ baby with a O- mom,  she got the shot (30 yrs ago) & it worked to protect me,  and I'm sure it is much more successful + healthy now! You & baby will be just fine! 
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I'm O- and the father is A+. I have had my RogHam shot and will get a other after delivery. I'm currently almost 33 weeks and everything is fine. 

Try not to worry or read to much in to it. All you will do is scare yourself, now days it's very common and you should definitely e okay. Tm. To your doctor and express your concerns. 


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