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I experienced spotting for the past 3 days. Is it normal to have spotting for a 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant? Does it harm the baby?

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I would go to the doctor right away. I am currently only my 4th pregnancy and 3 of them have been over the past 16 months. I became pregnant in December 2019 and lost the baby in February of 2020. I was spotting during that pregnancy and did have a miscarriage. I then became pregnant may of 2020 and just delivered a baby girl in January 2021 and yesterday I found out I am once again pregnant. We are praying to God all goes well since we were just able to bring our baby home a few weeks ago because she was in the nicu for 2 months. I wouldn't take any chances if I were you. Sometimes it can be normal to spot a little but bleeding during precisely always cause for alarm. Go to the er or contact ur ob asap
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Nne you are really hot, ride on
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I spotted too around the same time.  So did my mom with all 3 of her pregnancies.  My dr told me mine was completely normal.

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