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My baby z 20days old.

Using Nipple shield for past 15days still she s not latching to my breast directly. Pain was unbearable if i feed her with Nipple shield.

Using Manual pump but still nipple is not popping out. Very Difficult to manage and feed her. She Lost Weight in past 20 days and didn't gain any

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I'd suggest that u feed her without any nipple shield. It will go away eventually...I also had the same problem...she is now 7 weeks old nd she is picking up some weight nd she latches in very well...

●Use Vaseline on ur nipples every day...after feeding.

Ensure dat before feeding ur baby u clean wipe ur nipples...

●Don't use any scented lotions on ur breasts 

●Just b patient...u will get used to it...
How did u manage while she was not taking it ?

I m supplimenting formula to her bcz of this issue and i have low milk supply
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I also had same problem. My mistake was I stopped using puller after few days which resulted in Sore and damaged nipples which needs extra care and lot of patience. It took a month for me to heal completely and feed baby without pain. I also ended up having engorged breasts with lump and mastitis infection.

Use nipple puller or breast pump for few seconds or minutes b4 feeding and ensure proper latch.

U shud hold baby by neck, hold your breast on the other hand and when her mouth is wide open, push gently onto your breast. Baby's mouth should be around the aereola.

Seek your husband's or mom's help if needed.

If you dont follow this, you may end up having sore nipples.

Make sure to apply some breastmilk on your nipples after every feed.

Be patient and don't stop breastfeeding.

My baby is now 60days old and is able to latch without a puller.