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Also she vomit when giving milk. I have no breast milk so using Dexolac and Nan pro alternately. Her birth weight is 2.25 kg. 

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Ohh mommy ... Fighting

Please try to feed her more frequently ..if she can't suck the bottle can feed with baby spoon or dropper..

My son birth weight is 2.15kg and he gained 3.8kg when he was 2 month.

Set up alarm every one and half hour.

Even if she can't suck , try dropper for at least 20 ml each feed .

Total 24 hours amount should be - around 300-400ml per day ( 10-15 oz per day) 

Please try and be strong mommy.

I really understand you and your stress ...

I am also there and now baby is ok 

Please keep trying mommy
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I feed 40 ml every 2 hour. Sometimes feed more frequently. But she vomit
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For Vomiting, give her a small amount of Asafoetida powder with warm water once a day. Or else give neopeptine drops (5 drops) twice a day.
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Thank you for the information
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Neopeptine is the best for gas relief and vomiting