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plz mommies help. Mera baby 2 months aur 6days ka hai. Aj sham say wo bht ajeeb behave karaha hai... Wo sirf doodh mangta hai. Abi b ruknay ka naam nhi layta.. mujay samaj nhi aaraha hai kya karun...mai usko fm b bm b dayti hun. Mai nay aj fried rice khaya uski wajah say mat kuch prblm hai kya

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Your baby might be suffering from colic. It is common in infants below 3 months. Colic has many reasons like gas, indigestion. You can try remedies like tummy massage, pacifier, carrying your baby on your shoulder and patting him. Introduce pacifier if he wants something to suck. it relieves colic too. If nothing works and if your baby cries excessively consult a paediatrician and it's good to avoid certain foods which may give gas to your baby..